The Power PA Jobs Alliance is the public front of a coalition of businesses, trade groups, labor organizations, and fossil fuel interests that stand opposed to the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a multi-state market-based program to reduce greenhouse gas pollution from the electric power sector. The Alliance includes the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association (PMA), the PA Coal Alliance (PCA), the PA Anthracite Association, and a number of electric power plant companies like Chief Power, LLC, CONSOL Energy, GenOn Cheswick, and Homer City Holdings, as well as local labor organizations representing workers in the fossil fuel industry. 

The Alliance is coordinated by a Washington DC-based political organization: the Business-Industry Political Action Committee, or BIPAC. The Alliance’s website is registered by BIPAC and the group’s action alerts come from Momentum Advocacy, an affiliate service of BIPAC. 

The Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association is a particularly active member of the Power PA Jobs Alliance, and is BIPAC’s “state deployment partner” in Pennsylvania. The PMA’s President, David Taylor, also sits on BIPAC’s Board of Directors

BIPAC receives funding from the fossil fuel industry, including from Koch Industries for political campaign work. It also is funded by the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) “to help its member companies and state cooperating associations achieve their election and public policy goals by linking the IPAA political website” to various independent oil and gas associations,” according to IPAA’s recent tax filings.  

The Alliance also regularly posts and promotes materials from climate deniers. It features a video from the partisan and often-debunked Clear Energy Alliance on its homepage, and has retweeted anti-scientific posts from tobacco industry apologist and climate science denier Steve Milloy.

While the Power PA Jobs Alliance presents itself as a voice of Pennsylvanians, there is clear coordination with national and DC-based advocacy groups. The Alliance does not disclose the sources of its funding. 

Image: A “CONSOL Energy coal barge hauls coal along the Allegheny River through Pittsurgh, Pennsylvania. Credit: Onasill ~ Bill – 78.8M (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).